COVID-proofing our enterprise restaurants for our 30.000 employees

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Project description

2000: that’s the amount of meals we used to serve daily to our 30 000 employees in our 13 restaurants. Safety for all and well-being for our employees have always been the top priority for Belgian Railways. Therefore, one of the first actions we took at the beginning of the pandemic, was to ensure that our employees could still enjoy their favourite meal in the safest possible environment. Because that’s where comfort (well-being?) starts! How did we do this? Read more about it and get a taste of it!


To avoid contamination risks, we introduced cashless and contactless payment methods in all our 13 enterprise restaurants where prior to the pandemic, we daily served meals and sandwiches to approximately 2000 workers. To decrease cueing in the restaurants and sandwich bars, in collaboration with our supplier, we implemented Clik4Food, and application enabling our employees to order and pay in advance for the meals they want to purchase in our company restaurants and sandwich bars.


As many of our white collar employees were obliged to work from home, demand in certain restaurants increased dramatically. In these restaurants, we completely switched to take away mode, adapting our offer to the current health measures and to the specific needs of people who had to come to the office to ensure continuity of the works. In the restaurants serving the workshops, we maintained our hot meal offer and we even saw an increase in demand.


The result of this approach is that we were able to serve our customers with a continuous offer. We have showed flexibility in the way we work and have adopted this flexible way of working for the future

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